Languages/technologies: UML (Modelling), Swagger (API declarations and wrappers), MySQL (database), Redis (in-memory storage), PHP/CodeIgniter/HTML5 (web dashboard), PHP (some non-critical services), GoLang (mission-critical services), ObjectiveC (iOS client app), Java (Android app) and other technologies.

A complete solution for food delivery service, covering restaurants in several cities.

Development covered:

CityFoodClub website

Aim of the project

CFC is to bring convenient service to order food that offers also exceptionally good partnership conditions for restaurants. The app has a simple and fluid interface. You can filter dishes basing on their category, restaurant location. You can order not for 'right now', but, for example, for tomorrow at some arbitrary time. Every step of an order is tracked: when its confirmed, when it is cooking, when it is in delivery.

System has flexible bonus points system. Bonus points are allocated for making orders, for joining groups in social networks and reviewing/promoting application. Users addresses are stored so they don't have to type address each time, orders history is stored and can be viewed on a device.

Website landing
Main menu
User profile
Restaurant page (main)
Restaurant page (description)
Menu list
Dish details
Ordering screen
Address screen
Time screen
Confirm screen
Thanks for order!
Order history
Order history details