CarpoolArabia / VanpoolArabia

Languages/technologies: UML (Modelling), Swagger (API declarations and wrappers), MySQL (database), Redis (in-memory storage), PHP/CodeIgniter/HTML5 (web dashboard), PHP (some non-critical services), Python (API unit tests, some services), GoLang (mission-critical services), ObjectiveC (iOS client app), Swift (iOS driver app), Java (Android app), .Net/C# (desktop simulation software), Jenkins (continuous integration system) and other technologies.

This is a rather large project, which included full coverage of the carpooling/shared ride company based in Dubai.

Development covered:

Aim of the project

CPA project aim is to create a system that would allow people to ride together from home to work or from work to home. Algorithm matches users that have cars ('drivers') to users that want to ride ('passengers') using information about times of their commute and location where they live and work. Users that have match are considered 'buddies' and they send/receive requests for a ride. Driver can accept the ride and in such case a ride is scheduled: driver is reminded to pick up passenger and passenger receives notification to arrive at pickup point at scheduled time.

System has special preferences: women can choose to ride only with women drivers, Communities system to provide closed commutinies (that can offer free rides for community/corporate members), driver rating system, user profiles. Users can securely store credit card details and, in such case, ride costs will be deducted automatically. Promotional codes, free ride bonuses and other activities are included.

Later, an additional project was developed: VanPool Arabia, which is a shared taxi service (with fixed price model), allowing for passengers to request a car and system in real-time will assign a new car from fleet of active drivers nearby or will try to optimize and pickup passenger by a car that is already going on some route if number of passenger seats available and detour time would allow that.

Unfortunately, the project was closed for non-technical reasons. We can release some screenshots as applications were available to general public and were used by more than 10000+ users for about 1 year since launch of CarpoolArabia application in January of 2016.

Title screen
Commute selection
Signup welcome
Passenger signup
Driver buddy
Buddy commute
Rides schedule
Rides search
Ride in progress
Car settings
Profile/commute info