Languages/technologies: Swagger (API declarations), MySQL (database), Sphinx (local text search engine), PHP7/Custom MVC framework, Smarty templates, lots of PHP libraries, ImageMagick (image conversion), headless (sever-running) LibreOffice (document conversion), Python (messaging service and other), ObjectiveC (iOS application), Java (Android application), C# (various desktop tools for data managing) and other technologies.

This is a large local website and mobile application for Russia, covering enterpreneurship interests and promotion of companies, goods and services. Each day new users and companies sign up, can create their own pages with different types of business-related information, including job offers, resumes, price lists, offerings, news, company profiles, contact information and other stuff. Site includes lots of custom-developed features:

and more.

An Android/iOS application is available to cover a subset of website concerning investments, business ideas and business sale.

Linkros.Invest title screen
Linkros.Invest landing page
Company directory
Estate & construction page
News subportal
Products & Services directory
Expo landing
Franchise catalog details
App creating item page
Linkros application view